My top 7 of PyCon 2016 videos

Posted on Tue, 14 Jun 2016 in Python

There is my list with 7 best PyCon 2016 videos. I don't say that other videos not good. I say that these videos are more useful for me or impress me more than others. And as you can see I prefer talks about Python internals. I hope you'll find this list helpful.

Larry Hastings - Removing Python's GIL: The Gilectomy

Andrey Petrov - See Python, See Python Go, Go Python Go

Chelsea Voss - Oneliner-izer: An Exercise in Constrained Coding

Russell Keith-Magee - A tale of two cellphones

Glyph - Shipping Software To Users With Python

Scott Sanderson, Joe Jevnik - Playing with Python Bytecode

Matthias Kramm - Python Typology

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