Plans for 2019

Posted on Wed, 02 Jan 2019 in Other

Today is 2nd of January 2019. It is a time to make some plans for this blog. I want to write at least 12 blog posts. There are two topics that I find very interesting: CodinGames and Kaggle challenges.


Several posts will be about LEGENDS OF CODE & MAGIC challenge. I choose this it because I love board and card games. I used to play Magic the Gathering several years ago. It would be interesting to build a bot for an MtG-like game. I have an idea to make something like AlphaGo or at least use a similar approach to get into Legendary league in this challenge.


Another interesting topic is Kaggle. I want to improve my ML skills. But I haven’t many things to do with ML at work. That’s why I decided to spend some time taking part in challenges hosted on Kaggle. To keep me motivated I set up a goal to get a Kaggle Master.

The main reason for that is to learn the ropes. My knowledge of the topic is more theoretical than practical. I want to change it. Because I have only $20-25 monthly for servers I am going to take part in text-based challenges only.

Other topics

Besides Kaggle and CodinGames I will write book reviews and work-related posts if something interesting happens. Also, I have a bunch of things to automate. Maybe I’ll write a couple of posts about it.

So that is my plans for 2019 posts. Happy New Year!

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