Codingame: Clash of Code

Posted on Fri, 26 Apr 2019 in Other

In January I wrote that I want to make a big and interesting project with Codingame - develop an ML-based bot for LEGENDS OF CODE & MAGIC. Procrastinating an attempt to do it (again...) I found out that there is something really interesting on Codingame. Clash of Code! It is a tiny coding competition. After playing them for a while I can say they are awesome to relax from daily routine.

Clash of Code Format

These mini competitions are build basing on these rules:

  • there is really simple coding/algorithmic challenge that can be sold in 5 minutes;
  • there is a 15-minute-long limit;
  • there is one randomly selected winning condition:
    • solve the fast as possible;
    • write the shortest code;
    • guess what to do by observing a provided set of tests.

These additional rules make challenge not so easy at all. My favorite rule is to write the shortest solution. You have to revise all your knowledge of the standard library and refresh all Python hacks.

What's the purpose of it?

I suppose Cash of Code has only one positive outcome. It is great "refresher". There are no more practical results in these challenges.

On the other hand, switch to something else that strictly time-limited can be great. Relax for 15 minutes and return to work. Facebook doesn't work this way, does it?

I think it worth trying. It gives a really interesting experience. And I promise to start the bot project before last proton decays. I swear! :)

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